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What is carton sewing?


Cardboard sewing is a special technique used to join and reinforce cardboard components such as boxes, packaging and other products made from corrugated cardboard. Cardboard is a strong material, but in order to achieve more complex structures it requires appropriate joining techniques, of which sewing is one. It is a more advanced method of joining cardboard than standard gluing and significantly increases the strength and stability of cardboard boxes.

Description of the carton sewing process:


1.     Preparation: The process begins with the preparation of the corrugated board elements to be stitched together. These can be flat sheets of cardboard that are cut out and formed into the appropriate shapes to create boxes or packaging.

2.     Placement on the sewing machine: the operator prepares the machine by adjusting the settings according to the type of box and the packaging requirements. The flat sheets of cardboard that will be used as the sides and base of the box are then carefully placed in their respective positions on the machine table.

3.    Sewing: The sewing machine then uses needles and steel wire (or clamps) to sew the pieces of cardboard together. The steel wire is shaped accordingly. The needles pierce the cardboard and penetrate its layers, and the wire is inserted through the holes, joining the pieces together. The process is repeated at appropriate points to create permanent seams.

Application of cardboard sewing:


Cardboard sewing is particularly useful when you need to store cartons of goods for long periods of time, or when you need larger packaging that can withstand heavier loads and offer greater durability. It is used in various industries such as:

Transport: Sewn cardboard is often used to make transport boxes, which are used to package and transport goods over long distances. This provides extra protection and strength during transport.

Furniture: Furniture packed in sewn cardboard is better protected against damage during transport and storage.

Food: Some food products, especially if large, can be packaged in sewn cartons to give them adequate protection and stability.

Electronics and white goods: Many electronic devices and white goods, such as TV sets, fridges and washing machines, can be packed in sewn cartons to give them extra protection during delivery and storage.

Advertising: Cardboard sewing can be used to produce unusual and creative packaging for advertising purposes and display items.

To sum up:

In summary, cardboard sewing is a sophisticated process of joining corrugated cardboard components together using wire or steel clamps, resulting in strong, stable and durable cartons. They are used in a variety of industries where it is necessary to pack and transport products that require extra protection and strength.

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