There is an art to simplicity. Cardboard packaging is the result of many complex processes for which we at TEK-PAK take full responsibility as the manufacturer. Our goal is to deliver the finished product to the customer’s door. The company offers a comprehensive service package including design, prototyping, file and machine preparation, production, packaging and safe transport to the customer. We do it all so that you – our customer – don’t have to worry about a thing, because: WE MAKE GOOD BOXES! 

30 years of experience in family business

The Tek-Pak brand represents nearly 30 years of family experience in the manufacture of environmentally friendly corrugated packaging. The company’s key products are flap and folding boxes printable by flexographic methods in the full CMYK colour range. Our offer also features litho-laminated packaging, cardboard dividers and packaging accessories such as inserts, grids, fillers and wrappers. 

Diverse customer  base

Tek-Pak cardboard packaging and boxes are particularly popular in the southern part of our country, but are also sold throughout Poland and abroad. The company’s wide range of products is used by leading retailers such as IKEA, Jeronimo Martins and Lidl. An ever-growing portfolio of over 300 regular customers is a testament to our tailor-made approach to each project. 

Valuable knowledge

The company is based in Zbylitowska Góra near Tarnów, Poland. From the very beginning, the company has supplied high-strength cardboard boxes, building up a reputable brand in the cardboard packaging market. The company has been family-owned for generations, which means it offers an excellent product and a wealth of knowledge.

Qualified and experienced experts

The Tek-Pak brand is all about the people, fully qualified and experienced professionals who ensure that the business is run properly in every way. We are a team with great dedication, years of experience and a commitment to working together to ensure product safety during transport and delivery to millions of people. Many of us have enjoyed working for the Tek-Pak brand for over 20 years. Tek-Pak maintains the highest quality of products and services by sending employees to industry-specific courses to improve their skills and add value to the company.

Modern machinery

TEK-PAK is also a production facility of nearly 4,000 m2 equipped with state-of-the-art paper processing machinery. We also operate three warehouses with clearly separated areas for raw materials and finished product. We produce mainly for the following areas: Tarnów, Nowy Sącz, Stalowa Wola, Rzeszów.

MACHINES in our facility:
- two Bobst die-cutting machines,
- Bendazzoli casemaker,
- two printing and cutting lines,
- line gluing machine,
- hot gluing machine,
- Bobst multi-point gluing machine,
- two semi-automatic die-cutting machines.

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ul. Zbylitowskich 157,
33-113 Zbylitowska Góra 



Phone number

(14) 621 00 30